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Restoration Company Warns That a Storm Power Outage Can Lead to Water Damage
Monday, March 8th 2021, 5:05 AM

How Storm Power Outages Can Lead to Crawl Space and Basement Flooding and Water Damage

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Since 2000, SERVPRO of Ennis / Red Oak has been serving the local community with water, fire, and storm damage restoration. Centrally located in Ellis County, the damage restoration teams can reach any location in the area in less than thirty minutes. The local company is backed by a nationwide system of qualified franchises, specializing in residential, commercial, and large-scale disaster clean-up and restoration.

Everything in Texas is big, including the thunderstorms that rumble through the North Texas region during the spring, summer, and fall. Occasionally, turbulent weather will pay a visit to the area during a warm spell in the winter months, as experienced on December 26, 2015, when ten or more tornados pummeled North Texas. Typically, April and May are the most active months for severe weather.

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A severe weather “watch” means to keep an eye out for potentially severe weather conditions. A “warning” means severe weather conditions are in the area. The “r” in the word “warning” is a cue to homeowners to run for cover or to retreat to shelter in a protected area or safe room in the home. Once a warning has been issued by the National Weather Service, only minutes or seconds may separate tranquility from turmoil during periods of severe weather.

High winds, hail, heavy rain, and lightning can potentially cause a power outage. High winds may break off limbs or topple trees, which can break power lines. Flash flooding may bring down the power grid along a river or creek basin. Lightning strikes may take out telephone poles, transformers, or substations resulting in the loss of power for large portions of the local Ennis and Red Oak population. In any case, severe weather and power outages can be disastrous.

Some of the consequences related to severe weather and a power outage include:

  • slip-and-fall injuries in the dark or on wet pavement or decking
  • electrical shock from appliances, electronics, or power cords during a major water intrusion from a flood or from severe damage to the roof or other portion of the structure
  • heart issues resulting from stress and anxiety over the power outage
  • back issues, joint injuries, or muscle strains from moving heavy debris, furniture, or water-logged floorcoverings
  • medical complications arising from the loss of power to life-sustaining medical equipment

A serious consequence of a power outage is the loss of power to a sump pump in the basement or crawl space. Typically, sump pumps are installed in a sump pit where water collects from a foundation drainage system that directs intruding water to the pit. The sump pump evacuates unwanted water, keeping the basement or crawlspace dry. Most sump pumps operate on electricity, so a power outage can be disastrous. A crawl space or basement can flood very quickly when the sump pump is not operational. Sometimes a sump pump may lose power even though the home or business has power.

In any case, having multiple contingency plans in the event of a sump pump failure is worth the time, effort, and expense. Flooding in the basement and crawl space can lead to damage to or the loss of valuable property, structural damage to the foundation, mold infestation, health issues related to the mold, and expensive water removal and restoration costs.

According to insurance industry experts, “One way to prevent sump pump failure during a power outage is to have a battery backup for your sump pump, which will keep the pump running even if your power is out. In addition to battery sump pump backups, some pumps also have water-powered backup systems that use your home’s water supply to remove water from the sump pit.”

Some homeowners install an additional sump pump with its own backup power system to ensure any water intrusion can be managed. Not all insurance companies cover water damage resulting from a sump pump failure. Special coverage must be purchased at an additional cost. Homeowners should check with their insurance agent for options and expenses. Some insurance companies may require a backup plan that includes the installation of a reserve system with its own power source, such as a generator.

Homeowners need to regularly test the sump pump by pouring a bucket or two of water into the sump pit. The pump should immediately spring to life and drain the water from the sump pit. Before pouring water into the pit, clean out any debris or dirt that might clog the system.

storm damage restoration

If the worst-case scenario — a flooded basement or crawl space — becomes a reality, immediately contact a qualified water damage restoration expert to take care of the problem. Water damage grows worse with every passing minute. Advanced secondary water damage may add days and many dollars to the overall expense of the restoration work. Also, insurance companies may look unfavorably upon lengthy delays in securing property damage restoration services, especially for water damage. Pre-qualifying a water and storm damage restoration company when the days are sunny can save hours when it is dark, the rain is coming down in torrents, and the basement or crawl space is flooding.

The water damage restoration experts at SERVPRO of Ennis / Red Oak are available 24/7, 365 days a year. IICRC-certified technicians have the equipment, training, and experience to tackle any size disaster.

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